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Editorial syndication, copyright and content permissions

Since before 2000 we've been creating digital marketing news, research, case studies and training courses, some of which can be republished on your website. Here we explain some of the guiding principles.

Many media companies, agencies, universities and brands ask to republish our case studies, charts, research, reports or comment articles. This is often possible, but needs an email confirmation from our team. Simply email to request permission.

We are often happy to share research if it's fully credited to us and includes a link to the original content here in the Digital Strategy Consulting group.

If the research and articles are useful, then why not sign your team up for the regular email editions as well?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Not finding what you want? Just ask.

There are thousands of documents across our network of websites, but many are restricted to specific clients. As a strategy and training team we've spent a decade thinking of ways to help firms be smarter in the digital networked economy. If you don't find what you're looking for, then why not ask?

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