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Google: integrated marketing in India

Google: integrated marketing in IndiaIn 2009 Google ran heavyweight print advertising campaigns in India to draw people into the search engine for specific types of search. It’s a really interesting move from Google, but no surprise for the world’s biggest online brand to be heading offline - here's why...

Out of 1.2bn people only 5% have access and the role of the web in people's lives is often less entrenched than in Europe and North America. Google is trying to create a shift in behaviour and that's back to the classic marketing challenge. Newspapers have incredible reach, and just by being seen in them there's a clear brand endorsement. This is smart media planning for extending the reach of consumer messaging, giving people a reason to go online as much as a reason to use Google. But 2 big implications:

  • Talking to high earners like this about their travel needs sends a really smart secondary message about their own business and its marketing on the web
  • The newspapers in India are not yet under the destructive pressures facing those in markets where adspend has migrated more effectively, but Google represents a direct advertising alternative to them, so imagine the discussion inside the management team about taking these ads in the first place!


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