The cookie starts to crumble?

Challenges and solutions to cookie churn

Digital Insight Report - November 2005

The cookie starts to crumble? Challenges and solutions to cookie churn

On the tiny cookie text file rests the weight of much of today's web analytics industry. Yet as cookie deletion rates rise the problem of churn has become material. The humble cookie is starting to crumble, and with that the accuracy of much of the data webmasters, publishers, brands and marketers are routinely using. We examine the problem and suggest steps you can take.

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Simon Tesler:

Cookies are an invaluable device for enhancing users' experience of the online environment. For the user they are an essential timesaving device; for the siteowner a way of maximising the cost-effectiveness of a site while also providing a rich and rewarding destination. They offer no realistic threat to personal freedom; in fact far less of a threat than other devices, such as credit cards, which we already commonly use on a daily basis. On the other hand, restricting or prohibiting use of cookes could prove a severe threat to the commercial viabilities of online publishing.

Simon Tesler
Managing Director,

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