Digital Europe: Tracking the growth of online marketing spend

Tracking the growth of online marketing spend

Digital Insight Report - February 2006, edition 6

Digital Europe: Tracking the growth of online marketing spend

Online advertising is changing the face of marketing across Europe. Since 2000 the web has become established as a mainstream consumer media channel, and across the continent marketing budgets have now followed audiences. Today the industry is worth around andeuro;4bn and in several countries accounts for more than 5% or total advertising spend. This Digital Insight Report provides a snapshot of advertising spend and market share across each of the European markets. It is produced in association with IAB Europe.

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Analyst: Danny Meadows-Klue:


Thinking about the issues all this raises, here are a few comparisons about market growth and online adspend. They’re from articles or papers where I’ve tried to contextualise what is really happening (most recent first)…

US boom just keeps on coming

UK spend shows the transition between media

Mexico starts late but accelerates fast

Switzerland lags behind where it could be:

Central & Eastern Europe rising quickly

Spanish internet use and spend starts to accelerate

Denmark: always out in front

Some horridly wrong predictions in 2005 about where the market might be heading

The first attempt to track European online adspend for 2005

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