Welcome to the party

Online communities challenge publishers and reveal models for the digital networked society

Digital Insight Report - April 2006

Welcome to the party: Online communities challenge publishers and reveal models for the digital networked society

The digital networked society creates new models for social interaction. Online communities may have been prospering long before the web, but only in the last few years have they crossed into the mainstream. Social software has unlocked the enthusiasm to self-publish, but while every brand now aspires to owning a community, few will ever succeed.

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The role of social networks in mobilising populism and political protest is getting really interesting. Back when Howard Dean was running for president in the US, he managed to make a real play for the role in spite of having a budget about 100th the size of George Bush's. The 'Blogging for America' activism is still one we use whine we're teaching the Social Media Academy here at Digital. Recently I was luck enough to interview the campaign strategist and we're planning to publish a Digital Thought Leader interview as a follow up.

Danny Meadows-Klue, Series Editor, Digital Insight Reports

Networks for causes and social marketing

Social networks can spring from nowhere and have their own dynamic. Ernesto Leal was about to be deported so needed a quick way of organising a campaign - Synergy set up a website at http://www.friendsofernesto.org.uk. One month later, Ernesto has won his first victory - and 300-odd registered people are transforming the site into a social network exchanging information and views from art to football, literature to night clubbing. Conclusion? Can social networks be built around a cause as opposed to a brand?

Tony Horrocks, Managing Director, Synergy New Media Ltd

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