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Digital marketing innovations

Digital Insight Report - May 2006

Bright ideas for blue sky thinkers: Digital marketing innovations

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and this innovation report brings you a few examples of some of the tools and techniques that are delivering results across a wide range of digital marketing formats. How can you use them to change your marketing? Which will work in your sector? Which can be applied straight away? How can you maintain that competitive edge?

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It's all about diversity. We put together this short Digital Insight Report to illustrate some of the diversity in the way advertisers use internet marketing. For some people online marketing still means just search keywords or graphical banners, but there is a mix as rich on the web as all other media put together. This is fantastic and wonderful for marketers who understand digital channels and who have the experience to make judgements about which one to use. If you’ve been in the online industry for more than a couple of years, then you will have a sense of intuition about how each of the hundreds or thousands of tools available could work to support a campaign. However, if you’re just converting in to online marketing for the first time, this can be terrifying: television gave you a choice of the 30, a couple of other spots, some product placement and sponsorships – and pretty much nothing else.

When you read through these examples, try looking through the campaign itself to the marketing model that underpins it. Think about how the web is being used to build the brand or generate response for the client, and then think about how you can harness it effectively for your own marketing challenges. It might mean dusting off some classic marketing theory, and opening up a wider debate than just the choice of media channel. Take a look at some of the examples of Viral Marketing on the Digital sites and you’ll see even more diversity.

All this doesn’t mean that the web is the only medium that you’ll need in a campaign, but by acknowledging the choice that’s out there, it can help open up a wider understanding of brand and direct marketing, and with that, smarter ways of getting more value from all your media.

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