Hiding from the jargon? Lost in geek-speak? Join our Jargon Busting crusade!

Digital Jargon Buster

Digital Insight Report - March 2007

Digital Jargon Buster: Hiding from the jargon? Lost in geek-speak? Join our Jargon Busting crusade!

We're on a mission to cut through the jargon. Digital media and marketing has spawned a new breed of jargon; the crashing together of the worlds of media, marketing, IT and telecoms has left us drowning in language most don't understand and even those that do still readily confuse. Our web monkeys have been searching high and low for some clear language that explains what it all really means.

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... and remember that you can post comments to the definitions, list new words, pop up your own definitions and help other people bust their way through jargon, here: http://www.digitaljargonbuster.org/wiki/index.php/Category:Jargon

The Digital Jargon Buster is now online as well!

Anyone can easily search for jargon terms and even add to them as well. You know a bit of jargon that we missed, put it in! However if you cannot find something, you can leave us a message and we'd be happy to do all the research to get you a simple and clear definition.

Welcome to the world of user generated jargon busting!

Danny Meadows-Klue:

Phew! Here's the latest edition of Digital's famous Jargon Buster. In writing it our aim is to give you the context as well as the meaning. I've done it every year since 1999, and as always it's only scratching the surface of the jargon out there, but I hope it will cover the main things. (And if not, then don't be shy in posting the funkiest new bits of jargon you've found here and then I'll weave it into the next edition)

Organising an event? We can licence the materials to you or arrange for printing - just drop me a line here @ Digital.

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