Building effective viral and buzz campaigns

Spreading the word

Digital Insight Report - November 2007

Spreading the word: Building effective viral and buzz campaigns

Viral marketing is the concept that describes how marketers aim to construct campaigns that gain their exposure by encouraging one person to pass the message on to the next, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message's visibility. It can be an exceptionally cost-effective way of generating interest and brand awareness, but comes with real limitations and eludes most brands that set out to harness it. The digital networked society has unlocked the power of viral marketing, and with individuals likely to trust each other increasingly more for recommendations, viral and buzz marketing techniques have become a key element in the digital advertiser’s toolbox. However, while every brand now aspires to overnight success with a viral campaign, few succeed, and this Digital Insight Report explores how and why this is the case, looks for the models of success and gets you thinking about how you might be able to harness viral for your brands.

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Analyst: Danny Meadows-Klue:

Look out for our next report being released soon. You can add comments about this aspect of digital marketing in advance by emailing them to us or leaving them here...

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