Navigating unfamiliar landscapes

A dozen digital drivers

Digital Insight Report - January 2008

Navigating unfamiliar landscapes: A dozen digital drivers

The rules of the media game have changed. Audiences have migrated and fragmented, and their expectations for entertainment have begun shifting in whole new ways. This is the arrival of television all over again, but suddenly every teenager has their own studio, and through YouTube, their own broadcast network. This Google generation expect every packet of media content to be available in the palms of their hands, and they’ll readily share pirated links with Facebook friends before the show has even launched. With audiences on the move, advertising budgets are finally starting to follow: that’s why – only now – are media groups hurting. Ironically it’s still the early days for digital marketing, yet most newspapers, television and magazine groups remain poorly prepared. The core challenge is their product: shoehorning classic media content into digital channels just doesn’t cut it. But when content, context, consumers and channels all need to change, how do you navigate that landscape? We’ve collated a dozen of our favourite drivers of digital content to help leadership teams consider their strategies.

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