Building a powerful media property: using the digital toolbox fully

Product development strategies

Digital Insight Report - May 2008


These notes share with you our approach in product development, and the way that thinking about customer needs can help websites think more broadly about their content, community and toolkits. They reflect key elements media brands would want to consider in developing a consumer facing online service, and also underscore the challenges in getting the formula for product development right. In the web environment, consumers can have many needs met without relying upon classic media brands, so as publishers and broadcasters complete their migration to multi-channel providers, they need to broaden their proposition and reposition their role.

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Strategist - Danny Meadows-Klue:

This simple methodology for developing online media properties is part of a three week strategy project Digital's team deliver. We work with media groups and entertainment websites to examine the needs of their audience and then build up a service that will deliver exactly what the market needs, and with that, a step change in traffic.

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