10 Golden Rules in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing best practice

Digital Insight Report - June 2009

10 Golden Rules in Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing best practice

Blogs, online communities, social media and then social networks: they have permanently changed online marketing. In this new landscape brands are in a constant dialogue with customers who increasingly play critical roles in advocacy and recommendation. The brand is only one guest among millions and the challenge for marketers is that while the rewards may be great, the risks are greater. The Ten Golden Rules were extracted from analysing the successes and failures of hundreds of social media marketing campaigns, looking for DNA that was shared between the successful and absent in those that failed. The clarity of patterns that emerged removes much of the mystery of social media and helps marketing teams quickly identify the specific risks and potential of the opportunities unfolding around them.

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Comments (19)

Murray Ross Newlands:

Great well written reports. One of the things about social media marketing campaigns is that you can learn from your failures quickly and move on.

Hi Danny,
finally I had the time to check back on your article - it's been a while since we've met in Graz. I have to admit that this is a good and comprehensive guide to understanding the fundamental concepts of social media marketing!
Greetings from Austria and keep up the good work,

10 golden rules in social media – I must say it will sure find its use for people inside our agency that are involved with interactive media.

Danny Meadows-Klue comments:

Several people have been asking about social media coaching and training courses. We run customised programmes inside agencies and brand marketing teams, but they're individually designed around the strategies the firm has and the specific needs of their departments.

There are entry level programmes for people picking up social media for the first time and advanced programmes for marketers with several years experience in social media. We also have workshops and programmes for brands running social media services (such as media owners generating consumer reviews, or looking to monetise social traffic), and those marketing through social media platforms such as Facebook or Bebo. If you email me, I'll connect you to one of the strategists or Academy Managers - Danny@DigitalStrategyConsulting.com

Danny Meadows-Klue comments:

The 'attitude' issues can be the real make or break for firms. Getting social media right means getting in the right frame of mind for the web, and understanding this loss of control in a space where the brand is simply one guest among millions. It also helps with agency briefing and the processes for getting materials together effectively for a campaign. There's also a great deal PR teams can bring to this because of their experience of working with media.

Jane Roberts - Agency Account Director:


That's so true: for me it's the biggy because many of our clients just don't have the right attitude. They think blogs are about republished press releases and their websites simply a place to paste the print artwork. Our agency's been banging heads a long time on this one. Go you guys do private coaching inside a company for a brand team?


Great points here. Ran across a blog post about Gatorade's new digital campaign, and it made me think about what brands get right, and what they don't...


Richard Jackson:

Like the tearable idea. That should mean vids and photos of brands that can be lifted straight off the site. We're on it. ...once i've legged it to the lawyers to check out the rights. anyone with experience of rights from print or TV advertising?

Mike Standen:

Liking the blog is for life.

One of our directors has been pushing for a corporate blog forabout a year and there's no way she'll be able to follow through with writing it. I'm taking this back to her to mull on. Thanks.

Lisa - Agency account director:

For listening to the audience which tools would you guys suggest? We only just started to do this and have freeware at the moment from google. Am thinking we should offer more like this to our clients, THANKS!

Robert Freeman - Brand Manager:

Like the roleplay idea. Like it a lot.

Getting our young grads to be brand vandals seems pretty crazy, but it might be the smartest way of avoiding something unpleasant. We have well established brands and the risks are the biggest issue for us ratherthan the potential of social media to accelerate us.


That point about TV made me think. We've never done that. Our media agency sinks bucketloads into TV campaigns and the creative is really strong. But we've never put them online, let alone thought about releasing them to our database first. This may just save us a few TVCs :-)

Sara Rogers:

Absolutely love it. Just wishing I'd thought more about all this BEFORE asking our web agency to go out building Facebook Aps!!!

Danny Meadows-Klue comments...

Blogs can be a great way of helping brands connect with consumers. They present a really powerful way that the barriers between companies and their customers can be removed, but they only work when the firm has something to say. So blog when there is a reason for people to listen and when the brand has something to say. Be cautious about the role of the blogs as simple corporate tools (there’s nothing worse than recycled press release fodder going through blogs). But as you’re aware Dave, blogs are just a small part of the social media jigsaw.

With the explosive rise of Facebook and other tools, there are new ways to connect your content together. For example, your blog could be connected to Facebook with their APIs that can suck in the RSS feed you’d already be producing. These techniques mean that what you publish in one place can be quickly syndicated into others, saving your team time and energy.

Many thanks for this article. As you know a blog would be an useful tool for our business, but as mentioned does involve a lot of work. In your opinion is a blog best hosted as a separate domain/microsite or as a subfolder within your existing site.

Also with the growth of facebook connect, this would be an ideal tool for people to be able to log into your blog and post comments with their facebook profile, which in turn will promote your brand / product. If i have flown off at the complete wrong tangent please tell me !

This is very interesting. What I’m thinking about at the moment is the different ways brands use Facebook, and the percentage of “aggressive” vs “passive” activities they do. For example, many of the brands or companies I have become fan of are spamming me by sending far too much information. This makes me unsubscribe immediately. On the other hand, some brands seem to have forgotten about me completely! I don’t hear from them for 6 months or a year even though I’m a fan. So here’s the issue: how much “push” should their use….. that’s the real question?

Danny Meadows-Klue comments...

If you’re looking for ways to listen to the social media landscape start with a simple Google Alert. This will give you a quick healthcheck on how people are talking about your brand and where those conversations are taking place. As well as the free tools there are more advanced versions, and in parallel with Google there are a range of specialist toolkits such as Onalytics that measure the nature of those discussions – whether the brand is being talked about positively or negatively. For more on measuring online audiences, try some of the posts in the Analytics Academy threads: www.DigitalTrainingAcademy.com/analytics

Steve Roberts:

The idea of listening to the blogs is something we don't do enough of. Any tips on tools we can use?

Analyst - Danny Meadows-Klue:

If you find this report useful then you can download more case studies and examples of strong social media campaigns on www.DigitalTrainingAcademy.com/socialmedia

If you have more examples to add then include them here or email me directly: Danny@DigitalStrategyConsulting.com

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