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<< Monthly archives: October 2018

Today's news

Spotify’s ‘creepy’ video ad banned for scaring children

A Spotify ad that mimicked horror film has been banned for "unjustifiably" distressing children.


22/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing music Regulation Spotify video viral marketing

Facebook sued for ‘exaggerating video viewing times’ by up to 900%

Facebook has been accused of hiding a flaw in its video-advertising metrics that overestimated viewer engagement for to entice advertisers on its platform.


19/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing Facebook Regulation social media and social networking video

NatWest campaign highlights inspirational female business owners

In collaboration with NatWest and Zenith, Oath has launched a new platform titled Women Who Made Me and an exclusive video campaign brokered and managed by Zenith that will be hosted on HuffPost UK. The campaign delves into the stories behind successful female business owners and the women who supported them to the top.


19/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: content Digital Intelligence digital marketing financial services video viral marketing

Google forced to drop pre-loaded apps on Android

Google has announced that smartphone manufacturers will no longer have free access to its popular apps on Android, such as Chrome and Google Search, following an antitrust fine earlier this year.


19/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Android Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google mobile marketing Regulation Search

Most marketers say walled gardens are major block to improving first-party data

Over two thirds (68%) of marketers claim that the walled gardens do not provide enough first-party data, a crucial component that is needed to effectively analyse and measure campaigns, according to new research.


19/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: analytics behavioural targeting digital data Digital Intelligence digital marketing paid content

Consumers to spend nearly £2.5bn in online purchases on Black Friday

UK consumers are forecast to spend nearly £2.5bn online and £4.75bn overall during Black Friday this November 23rd, with an average spend of £90, according to new research.


19/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends ecommerce retail UK

GlobalWebIndex uses chatbots in new mobile survey data platform

GlobalWebIndex has launched Pollpass, technology-powered mobile solution to transform how survey data is collected, with a chatbot interface will capture ‘hard-to-reach’, mobile-first audiences.


19/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising analytics Digital Intelligence digital marketing mobile marketing

Education trends: Digital skills gap ‘still a threat to UK growth’

Regional divides in the education system, a lack of awareness of the opportunities available and a misaligned curriculum, continue to leave students unprepared to engage with the UK’s booming digital economy, which is growing 2.6 times faster than other industries, according to new research.


19/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends education recuitment technology UK

US social media trends: YouTube and Instagram gaining ground on Facebook

Most people in the US use YouTube and Instagram more in 2018 than 2017, outperforming other channels such as Facebook, while women tend to use social media more frequently than men, according to a new survey.


18/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: demographics Facebook Instagram internet use social media and social networking time spent online USA YouTube

Just 1 in 10 online shoppers visit a brand’s website when searching for products

Amazon is the go to source when looking for products online, as consumers tend to bypass brand websites, according to new research.


18/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Amazon brands Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends ecommerce Search

Recent stories

Consumers ‘comfortable with AI in exchange for a better experience’

Over 40% of consumers will shun brands that send irrelevant messages and offers, but support the case for AI, as 47% state they are happy for intelligent technology to improve the offers they receive, according to new research.


18/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends technology

Pinterest makes pins more shoppable with real-time pricing and upselling

Social scrapbook platform Pinterest is announcing a raft of changes to make it easier for people to shop on its website and mobile app, including real-time pricing and recommendations.


18/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce mobile marketing Pinterest retail social media and social networking

Huawei takes on Samsung and Apple with AI-centric phone

Chinese tech giant Huawei is already outselling Apple phones worldwide this year, but can its new high-powered Mate 20 range with AI and 3D modelling features cement its position in Western markets?


17/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: augmented reality China Digital Intelligence digital marketing global Huawei Internet of Things mobile devices and tablets mobile marketing technology

Most marketers say their apps are a financial success- but is it true?

Most businesses dedicate a significant portion of their app development budget to marketing, but companies measure the success of their apps differently.


17/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: analytics apps Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends mobile marketing

Creative trends: ‘Urgent need’ for better measurement of creative performance

The quality of ad creative has a direct, measurable impact on campaign performance, and advertisers are largely unable to measure it, according to new research.


17/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising analytics content Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends

Death of the desktop? Just 42% of workers now use a desktop computer

Just 42% of UK workers now use a desktop computer in the office, with a fifth of workers believing desktop PC's make today's offices look dated and out of touch, according to new research.


16/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends technology

Fashion sizing software EyeFitU launches B2B platform

The EyeFitU patented Sizing Engine is now available for integration via a SaaS model for online stores and offers consumers personalised sizing recommendations when shopping online.


16/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce retail

37% of business leaders ‘don't know what they are spending their marketing budgets on’

Many business leaders are not actually aware of what they’re spending their dedicated marketing budgets on, with over 1 in 3 (35%) unsure whether their marketing budget has increased or decreased in the last financial year, according to a new survey.


16/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend analytics Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends recuitment

American Express strikes partnership with digital lender ezbob

Global payment services company American Express has today announced a new partnership with online financing platform, ezbob, to offer selected small-to medium-sized UK business customers access to finance via a digital channel.


15/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: American Express Digital Intelligence digital marketing financial services

Has YouTube per-view revenue peaked?

Only three years ago Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs) were being snapped up by traditional broadcasters for huge sums, but their fortunes are changing according to new research.


15/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Google video YouTube

Search trends: Most popular car brands in the world

The influence and popularity of the world’s most well-known car brands is often measured by sales figures, but does that really tell the full story? New research looks at Google stats to find the most searched for and talked about car brands in every single country around the world this year.


15/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: automotive Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends ecommerce global Search Transport

What is Big Data? [VIDEO]

The term ‘Big Data’ refers to more than simply the size of data, but more to do with the size of the complexity to join different sources of data points together  to make decisions. This video from Whishworks offers a guide to the increasingly important concept of Big Data.


15/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: analytics Digital Intelligence digital marketing video

Brits want to be their own boss: a quarter of UK adults have ambitions to start a business

With more than half a million new businesses being created across the country each year, Studio Graphene has commissioned an independent survey among over 2,000 UK adults to find out just how many people harbour ambitions to start their own company.


15/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends recuitment UK

CRM trends: Customers increasingly contacting brands as demand for chatbots grows

The average UK consumer now contacts organisations 9 times per month, equating to 463.5 million monthly contacts – which costs brands an estimated £1.227 billion per month to answer, according to new research.


12/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising CRM Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Internet of Things social media and social networking technology

German ad spend trends: TV falls below 25% as digital soars ahead

TV ad spending in Germany dropped below 25% of total media spending last year for the first time since 2015,while digital increased to 32%, according to new data.


12/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Germany media

ASOS expands into voice shopping with Google Assistant ‘fashionbot’

ASOS has teamed up with Google to let customers shop across popular categories using just their voice and the fashion retailers own bot guide 'Enki'.


12/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: ASOS Clothing Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce Google Internet of Things mobile marketing retail technology

UK digital adspend rises 15% to £6.36bn

Digital advertisers spent a total of £6.36bn in the first half of 2018, an increase of 15% year on year, according to new figures.


12/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing Search social media and social networking video

Google Pixel 3 event: The 5 big product launches

This week, Google unveiled its newest roster of devices, including an updated Pixel phone, a high-end tablet and an IoT hub. We look at 5 of the biggest announcements.


11/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: augmented reality Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google Internet of Things mobile devices and tablets mobile marketing technology

Data fail: Marketers not effectively integrating data for insights

Marketers globally are struggling to measure the success of their campaigns, with cross-channel behaviour and uncertainty around optimising media investment the primary reasons, according to a new survey.


11/10/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising analytics Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends

Yahoo takes on Slack with group chat app Yahoo Together

Yahoo has launched a new messaging app, called Yahoo Together, just a few months after closing its legacy IM platform.


11/10/2018  |  Full story...

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Most retailers feel digital transformation ‘requires a change in leadership mindset’ - 17/09/2018

Tedious online admin is costing the UK economy billions each month - 17/09/2018

Alibaba partners Mail.Ru for Russia ecommerce expansion - 14/09/2018

New YouTube vertical video ads adapt to mobile orientation - 14/09/2018

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