ISPs agree to tackle online piracy with music industry


The UK's six biggest ISPs have signed a memorandum of understanding with music industry body the BPI and the Motion Pictures Association of America, writes The Financial Times. The deal was brokered by the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR) and the government is said to have made it clear that this is the internet industry's last chance to avoid legislative action or compulsory levies.
The memorandum commits the ISPs to work towards a "significant reduction" in illegal file-sharing and to develop legal music services. Under the plan ISPs will send 1,000 letters to highly active file sharers every week during a three-month trial. ISPs are working on a voluntary code of practice which will include agreed sanctions for dealing with persistent offenders. The code will be overseen by Ofcom.
From The Financial Times:, 23/07/2008

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