BBC iPlayer comes to Nokia


The BBC has announced that it is about to launch a version of its iPlayer service for Nokia N96 mobile phones. This will be the first mobile version of the service which will allow users to download and not just stream programmes, unlike the iPhone and iPlayer versions. The BBC now plans to roll the service out to other models of mobile phone.
The Corporation has also been busy on other fronts with the launch of a specific EastEnders YouTube channel featuring clips from the entire 23-year history of the show. The news follows the launch of the BBC's Top Gear channel on YouTube in August.
Finally, results are in from the Olympics with the BBC reporting that it served around 50m sport video streams during the event. Daily averages were around 3m streams/day but the service peaked at 5.5m streams on Tuesday 19th August.
From BBC news:, 08/09/2008
BBC iPlayer:

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