Google debuts mobile platform with T-Mobile


Google is to launch its much-anticipated mobile operating system ‘Andriod’ on T-Mobile’s upcoming G1 handset. The handset, set to launch on 22 October, will use the open source Android platform. It will include a full-featured Web browser and support for Google services such as Google Maps Street View, Gmail, YouTube and others.

To help make the platform open for users and third-party developers, Google has published the source code for the entire platform, rather than just at application-level.

This device will offer an HVGA touchscreen, a QWERTY keyboard, GPS, and multiple Wi-Fi options.

The T-Mobile G1 will debut in the U.S. on October 22. It will cost $180 with a two-year voice and data agreement.

In addition, this device will also be available in the United Kingdom beginning in November, and across Europe in the first quarter of 2009. Countries include Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and the Netherlands.

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