WARC: UK online adspend to remain strong


A new study from the World Advertising Research Centre (WARC) remains confident that the UK online advertising market will remain strong in the face of the global economic slow-down. The firm predicts that internet advertising will grow 17.6% during 2008 and 12% in 2009. Online is expected to show growth in all advertising categories other than financial services during 2009, as budgets in traditional media are redirected online.

Share change by medium post the dotcom boom

Digital Strategy data - Share change by medium post the dotcom boom

  • Winners: Internet, television, outdoor

  • Losers: Radio, print, direct mail
  • Source: WARC Online (Constant price figures before 1988 are adjusted by the Retail Prices Index; from 1988 onwards by the Consumer
    Prices Index)
    WARC: http://www.warc.com

    Who will be hit?

    Digital Strategy data - Who will be hit?

    Source: WARC Online/Nielsen (Constant prices)
    WARC: http://www.warc.com

    WARC report (PDF): http://www.warc.com

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