Asian internet users spend most leisure time online


A study entitled Digital World, Digital Life from TNS Global has found that Chinese internet users under 25 spend on average 50% of their leisure time online, writes ZDNet. Japanese and Koreans shared second place behind the Chinese, with each countries respondents claiming to spend 40% of their free time using the internet. Chinese internet users are very engaged with social media, with 94% of those polled using online forums or message boards and 60% contributing on a regular basis. Nearly 90% read or contribute to blogs and 85% use chat rooms.
In the UK, the report found that adult British internet users spend on average 28% of all their free time on the internet (rising to 32% for 18-24 year olds). British housewives came top for leisure time spent online, whiling away 47% of their free time on the internet. Top activities for British internet users include searching for information (80%), using online banking (76%) and reading the news (75%).
In total the study polled 27,522 internet users across 16 countries. On average and across all those surveyed people now spend 30% of their leisure time online.
From ZDNet:, 01/12/2008
TNS Global:

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