US online adspend tops $23.4bn in 2008


The latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report from the IAB US and PricewaterhouseCoopers reveals that total online ad revenues totalled $23.4bn (£15.77bn) in 2008, up 10.6% on 2007 ($21.2bn or £14.28bn). The figures represent the fifth year of consecutive record results, although growth slowed by 50% to the lowest rate since 2002. Q4 revenues reached a record $6.1bn (£4.11bn), passing the $6bn barrier for the first time on year-on-year growth of 2.6% (up $154m (£104m) for $5.9bn (£3.98bn) in Q4 2007). Search advertising continues to hold the lion's share of online adspend accounting for 45% of revenues ($10,546m or £7.11m) from 42% in 2007 ($8,805m or £5.93m).
Projections from eMarketer for 2009 expect growth to continue to slow, reaching 4.5% during the year on total online adspend of $24.5bn (£16.5bn). However, much bleaker figures from Screen Digest predict a 5% fall in online adspend during 2009.
IAB US:, 30/03/2009

Online Advertising Spend: US
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