Google quarterly profits reach $1.5bn


Google has reported post-tax profits of $1.48bn (£901m) for the last quarter - an increase of 18%, writes Brand Republic. Revenues reached $5.52bn (£3.36bn) - up 3% from the previous quarter. International revenues accounted for over half of all Google's cash flow ($2.91bn or £1.76bn), though in the UK, revenues were effectively down 8% year-on-year as a result of the weakened pound. Operating expenses were down 4% on last year, on the back of staff cuts of nearly 400 people.
The firm has also announced plans to launch its own operating system in 2010, built around its Chrome web browser. Google Chrome OS will first be released for netbooks before being rolled out for all other Windows, Mac and Linux-based systems. The operating system will be primarily web-based and open source, and Google intend to release the source code by the end of the year.
From Brand Republic:, 17/07/2009

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