Reuters pulls plug on financial chatroom


Reuters has dropped its Americas Dealzone chatroom on Reuters Messaging, citing a lack of demand. The company said the servcie didn’t attract enough customers to sign up for the trial.
The Reuters messaging service connect clients with reporters and executives for one-on-one discussions.


Our View

Social media and finance don't mix.

It's no surprise to see a risk-averse brand like Reuters switch to something safer and that's exactly what this is about. For all the excitement and energy in social media, involving consumers in content within regulated industries is fraught with danger for the publisher and their adverisers. The current social media models have a natural ceiling in highly regulated markets like alcohol, pharmaceuticals, adult content, finance and children's content. Reuters won't be the last publisher to take this type of action, but it's bound to stiflethe innovation within brands in these sectors looking to expand social media on their own sites.

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