Google updates Translate service with speech tool


Google has revamped its Translate service with a raft of new features, including a speech tool.

The new-look service features a new layout, alongside instant translation, phonetic input and text-to-speech engine.

‘Instant Translation’ allows the user to see a translation of the text as they type it - in the same way as Google can display results before a user finishes typing their query.

The text-to-speech engine means that users can hear translations spoken by clicking a small speaker icon.


Meanwhile the phonetic input works with Arabic, Persian and Hindi, letting users type words as they sound to convert them to native script in that language.

The service can translate between 51 different languages - meaning 2550 language pairs - which Google claims represents over 98% of internet users in the world today.

Google said: "We hope these improvements will make reading, learning and communicating in foreign languages easier and more fun".

To learn more view the video below or read the Google blog.

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