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It's 'make or break' time for digital marketing. The stories we've tracked as the year kicks off show the focus switching to ROI and getting digital marketing to drive real business results. Out goes 'reach', in comes 'engagement'; out goes 'buzz' and back comes 'conversion'; out goes 'last-click' thinking and in its place is 'lifetime value'. The recession has clearly forced through smarter thinking.

This should come as a great relief, because it wipes away the 'shiny object' obsession over the latest social media or iPhone app, and replaces it with a dose of sound business logic. Behind the scenes we're finding this in the digital marketing effectiveness audits we run for large brands. Often only small changes in process are needed to unlock much bigger shifts in results.

The Digital Training Academy team are seeing the same trends, but also removing ROI risks by getting the right capability in place. Their focus is giving teams the edge with competitive training that targets weakness in a rival's strategy.

And in terms of channels, mobile marketing and engagement is finally everywhere; it will dominate our digests this year.

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