Facebook: Privacy is no longer a social norm


Speaking frankly Zuckerberg outlines how privacy “is no longer a social norm” and the role that Facebook is playing in changing and upgrading their technology and platform. He explains that “people have really gotten comfortable sharing more information…we view it as our role to be constantly updating our system to reflect the current social norms.”



On the privacy changes that Facebook has applied, he is defiant that this is part of the culture he’s created: “Doing a privacy change for 350m users is not something a lot of other companies would do”.

In terms of acquisitions Zuckerberg talks frankly about acquisitions like FriendFeed and their plans. As for the plans? “Currently Facebook has 300 engineers “We tried to keep the ratio 1 engineer per 1m users” – certainly that’s a ratio most tech businesses are a long way from dreaming about.

View the video here:


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