Fiat launches UK’s first Facebook sampling ad campaign


Italian car maker Fiat has launched the first UK Facebook sampling ad campaign, promoting its Punto Evo model. The ads are targeted to 18-34 year olds in the UK, with some targeted specifically at car enthusiasts. As part of the campaign, Fiat will be using sampling ads on Facebook and will be the first brand to use this type of engagement ad in the UK.

Already launched in the US, sampling ads are designed to enhance the direct response element of the campaign. The new format enables brands to test any product and get valuable feedback – in Fiat’s case, this provides an opportunity for continued engagement with its target audience. Alongside advertising formats such as ‘become a fan’ or ‘attend an event’, Sampling Engagement Ads enable brands to offer free samples of a product to Facebook Users.


In responding to an ad, users can enter their address to request a sample, meaning there is no need to visit an external site to request a brochure. Users are also able to share the experience with friends on Facebook.

Available since September 2009 in the US, this format means brands can test any product and get valuable feedback.

Stephen Haines, UK Commercial Director, Facebook, said: “We have already seen great success with sampling ads for big brands in the US, so we’re really pleased that UK brands now have the opportunity to engage with consumers in the same way. Being able to build a two-way dialogue with prospective customers and gain insight into this audience in terms of their likes, interests and beliefs will also help these brands to develop a more powerful, lengthy and profitable relationship with consumers.”

Elena Bernardelli, Marketing Director, Fiat comments: “Fiat is continuing to invest in social media and is constantly looking for new activities to take part in. We think Facebook is the perfect target for Punto Evo prospects and I am delighted that we are the first brand in the UK to work with them in this way.”

The campaign has been developed and planned by media agency MEC.

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bete@twin air mattress:

Facebook has actually a greater advantage when it comes to advertising purposes since millions of people are online each day. The truth is that, I prefer facebook as an advertising tool rather than google adwords. With regards to fiat sample ad campagaign, well it will be more advantage if it will be exposed on targeted people who are fun with car models.

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