Online behavioural ad technology Phorm launches, but not in Europe


Behavioural ad targeting technology group Phorm has announced the commercial launch of its Open Internet Exchange platform in Brazil.

After months of inactivity, the company has now announced that it will be working with Brazil's leading ISPs to deploy its new Web Discover service in the country. The firm claims to have $5.6 million of advertising pre-booked for the roll-out. The announcement has sparked a mini-rebound for Phorm's share price, which plummeted after its prospects of a UK launch collapsed last summer.


Phorm was forced to retreat in the UK, after its ISP partners TalkTalk and BT shelved their plans for a commercial deployment last summer. The company's Webwise service, which tailors ads based on the user's surfing habits, ran into a storm of protest from privacy campaigners.

Founder and CEO Kent Ertugrul said: "Our commercial deployment in partnership with many of Brazil's leading internet players reflects the many lessons learnt from experiences in other markets. We're very pleased to be moving into a new phase where our system is being operated on a commercial basis and scale."

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