Orange and T-Mobile merger creates ‘Everything Everywhere’ brand


Orange and T-Mobile have announced further details of their joint venture in the UK, to be called Everything Everywhere, creating the biggest mobile network provider in the UK with 30 million customers. The two brands will be kept separate, with 700 high-street stores in the UK between them and 16,500 staff.

The new Everything Everywhere service will combine the two mobile networks offering better coverage for making calls and accessing the web. Plans for the two companies to merge UK operations were first announced in September last year, though attracted the attention of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). However, the OFT gave Orange and T-Mobile the go-ahead in March this year.


Tom Alexander, chief executive of Everything Everywhere, said: "Up until a few years ago, mobile was just about voice and text - not now. Multimedia phones have already started to change the way our customers access the world - for entertainment, education, information - wherever they are, whenever they want.

"We are Everything Everywhere - it's our name, our vision, and our ambition - and we run two of the UK's biggest brands Orange and T-Mobile. It's our vision to give our customers instant access to everything everywhere, opening up a world of endless possibilities," he continued.

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