MSN revamps UK homepage with links to Facebook and Twitter


Microsoft has revamped the homepage for MSN UK, which will start integrating Facebook and Twitter on its main page. The changes will be the first major adjustment since September 2007 and are intended to simplify the website's design to reduce download time.

A large high-profile spot on the main page will also have the new MSN Video Player, offering online TV service. "The new homepage is much lighter, much whiter, much shorter [in overall length], much smaller", said Peter Bale, executive producer of MSN UK at Microsoft. With the social networking additions, site visitors can access and update their accounts directly from the main page, intending to create a centralized home for UK internet users.


The site's new look will launch on Tuesday. In addition to its social networking capabilities, the site will also offer more news and larger images.

Currently, according to ClickyMedia, 25 million of the 400 million worldwide registered users on Facebook reside in the UK. Twitter has more than 100 million users worldwide.

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