British least likely to pay for online content according to new survey


The latest annual Consumers & Convergence global survey from KPMG has found that UK internet users are the least keen to pay for online content.

The study found that 81% of UK internet users would prefer to go elsewhere for content if a frequently used site began to charge. KPMG polled 5,627 respondents from 22 countries and discovered that 43% of people worldwide are willing to pay for access to frequently-used online content. In contrast, only 19% of those in the UK are willing to pay.


Those in Asia-Pacific countries are the most generous, with 59% saying that they would pay for access to content online.

UK users will make some concessions though: almost 75% of UK users are happy to have free or heavily subsidised content supported by advertising. In addition up to 48% are happy to allow their personal data to be tracked if it means cheaper content, though some remain concerned about online privacy and safety.

In total 74% of UK consumers will accept ads on their computer in exchange for free access, while up to 56% will accept advertising on their mobiles.

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