Google to integrate PayPal into Android phones?


Google has been in talks with PayPal about using the popular online payment system with its Android smartphone software. The talks between the search giant and the eBay-owned firm include utilising PayPal's mobile technology to collect payments for applications via Android smartphones.

Currently, Android smartphones offer Google checkout as a payment method. However, to appeal to a larger customer base, PayPal may be another option.Several websites offer PayPal as a checkout option, and adding it to Android smartphones would allow users who do not use Google checkout to pay for their applications.



t is estimated that PayPal has close to 87 million active accounts. The online payment processor can be instantly funded through a credit card or bank account, making it a convenient choice for online shoppers.

Though Google's Android only features 70,000 applications currently, compared to the vast iPhone library of 225,000 apps, this payment feature could increase the application developers likelihood to produce solely for the quick payment from the Android users.

Though talks have not been made public, people within the industry have said the PayPal feature may be available as soon as this year.

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