Dutch and Brits are Europe’s top web visitors


People in the Netherlands and the UK racked up the most website visits per month in Europe, according to new data.The study, from ComScore, revealed that the Netherlands ranked highest among European countries in terms of frequency of internet visitation with 78.2 visits per visitor in September 2010.

Dutch internet users also exhibit strong engagement with an average of 31.9 hours per visitor spent online in September 2010. Users spent most of their time on Portals (7.2 hours), followed by Instant Messaging (6.9 hours), Social Networking (3.5 hours) and E-Mail (3.1 hours).


Dutch Internet Users Are Most Frequent Website Visitors in Europe

European internet users age 15 years and older accessed the internet on average 58.9 times in September 2010.

The Netherlands ranked highest in Europe with 78.2 visits per visitor, nearly 20 more visits per month higher than the European average. The U.K. ranked second with 71.3 visits per visitor, followed by France (68.4 visits per visitor) and Spain (63.7 visits per visitor).


*comScore reportable universe for some European countries is internet users age 15+. To make sure all countries are comparable the country ranking is based on a 15+ universe.
**Excludes visits from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.

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