Google integrates contextual AdSense ads into AdMob


Google is bringing its contextual AdSense ads to its AdMob platform, the mobile advertising technology it bought in 2009. Google's AdSense focuses on context, serving up ads the software believes match the website's content. The move means AdSense ads aimed at either iPhone or Android users will now be dropped into apps running AdMob – albeit only when a standard AdMob ad is not to hand.

"In the coming weeks, eligible iPhone and Android application developers in the AdMob network will be able to show Google AdSense ads when an AdMob ad is not available," said Google Mobile Ads product manager Jason Morse on the firm's blog.



"This will also enable Google advertisers to extend the reach of their mobile campaigns to the thousands mobile apps in AdMob's network, such as Rovio's Angry Birds."

According to Google, publishers using a recent version of the AdMob SDK are not required to update their existing code as reporting will blended directly into their AdMob accounts, with a single check arriving each month.

They will also have the option of opting out of Google's ads if for some reason they do not wish to join.

Google said that some days AdMob is able to fill a publisher's inventory by 100 percent, but this will help on days where fewer ads are available.

Google further states that publishers will not be able to screen the types of AdSense promotions that run in their apps, meaning partners who have selected ad filters for their AdMob inventory must opt in to receive Google ads via the App Settings tab in the Sites & Apps section of their publisher account.

Additionally, not all of the capabilities will be culled over from Google's AdSense to AdMob. For example, AdMob already had expandable ads, so those would not be moving across, but they are adding new things, such as Click to Call and and location-based targeting.

Google bought AdMob a year ago, but it could only start integrating it once the deal closed at the end of May. By the end of next year, Google hopes to have a single mobile network, according to Spero.

The integration between the two set ups comes just days after AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui left the firm, just five months after Google's purchase was ratified.

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