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Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence 100 top stories of 2010

In our review of the year, Facebook and Google dominated our headlines with weekly product development announcements. They played key roles in the UK election - as digital political strategies step-changed - and influenced the fortunes of every firm online. Social media strategies became critical for consumer brands, with the digital media mix broadening for most organisations into: sites, search, social and sales.

The Times launched its paywall (and lost most of its readers), while Twitter explored ads for its digital revenue strategy. Apple entered the ad market with $60m of pre-bookings for the launch of iAds, and both online and mobile adspend set new records. Digital content strategies embraced video - forcing firms large and small to look for video assets - and YouTube reached new heights in audiences.

The key trends we predicted a year ago in mobile, social, privacy and video all proved true, yet many firms still waste much of their budgets by not having the right digital strategies in place. The ROI of digital is often less than half what it should be in most organisations, and that's why digital talent - the digital calibre of teams across a business - will be just as critical next year.

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