Crème Egg campaign invites nation to play ‘game of dare’ online


Cadbury’s has launched a new campaign for its Creme Egg brand, that challenges consumers to take part in ‘a massive game of dare’ online. Goo Dares Wins, a multi-million integrated marketing campaign will see Creme Egg becoming the first Cadbury brand to link into the Spots v Stripes initiative that aims to get the entire nation playing games.

Born out of Creme Egg’s encouragement to play and mess around with it’s goo, this year Goo Dares Wins will dial up this anarchic spirit even more; taking it to the masses and getting the whole nation acting mischievously.


In order to increase participation Cadbury has embarked on an integrated marketing campaign involving advertising, digital, PR, events, and sales promotion channels working with Fallon, PrettyGreen, PHD and CMW.

Goo Dares Wins kicks off with the launch of the website, which saw a new TV advertising campaign begin this month.

The advert, produced by Fallon, aims to show how there’s a mischievous streak in all of us just waiting to be awoken. The ad will air in the UK from January 2011 for 17 weeks, with a media plan including 30 second and 10 second spots being placed by PHD.

Two ads will be shown over the course of the Goo Dares Wins campaign, set in the secret Dare Headquarters the viewer gets a peep view into the scheming world of the Creme Eggs seeing them at their most mischievous.

Creating dares for the public to undertake and reviewing the ridiculous dares they are doing, getting so excited they explode gooing themselves completely.

The film aims to inspire the spirit of dares in everyone and encourage them to take on the Creme Egg’s dares themselves.

A second burst of the ad is to be revealed as the campaign evolves, using content taken from the Goo Dares Wins website providing Creme Egg fans the opportunity to be featured in the ad.

The Goo Dares Wins ad was directed by Michael Patrick Jann whose characterisation of the Creme Eggs depicts the anarchic undertone of the Goo Dares Wins campaign: “These Creme Eggs are great comic characters.

They’re anarchic, adorable little morsels of yummy goo; chocolaty rascals sporting no self-preservation instincts whatsoever. In my mind, they feed off watching these dares they commission.

It’s borders on mania for them. It fuels them like some weird narcotic, and deep down in their candied yolks they know it will ultimately lead to their destruction. Yet still, they seek it out. They simply can’t help themselves. Theirs is a hilarious adventure of ecstatic pleasure leading to the ultimate act of . . . Gooing themselves “

Built by CMW, the campaign website will act as a Dare Headquarters for all the Goo Dares Wins activity, allowing people to choose a team, sign up and start taking part in dares to claim points for their Spots or Stripes team.

Commenting on Goo Dares Wins, Kate Knight, Brand Manger of the Creme Egg 2011 programme said: “We are delighted that Creme Egg can bring it’s own unique twist to the Spots v Stripes game, providing even more fun for the nation to be involved in. We hope that Goo Dares Wins will add a mischievous dimension to the game playing, daring the most extreme people to get involved!”

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