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Mobile apps or mobile sites? Mobile social networking, FourSquare or relying on the established Facebook presence to do the job? Mobile ads or mobile gaming? Android, Nokia or iPhone? SMS or ECRM?

... a few of the questions so far this year from marketing teams we're supporting on the digital strategy coaching programmes. That's why we collated this round-up of research and stories we've been following.

In most developed markets smartphones have seduced consumers and shifted expectations. If brands are not available on mobile they lose out: this could be a search in the supermarket, planning the evening out from a cafe, or a supplier web page review on the way to a meeting. With Steve Jobs on leave Apple's innovation will slow; iAds will be matched by competitors, and the first mover advantage of iPads will fade in the flood of tablet alternatives entering the market.

The space has moved so fast that few marketers are creating truly effective integrated mobile strategies. Like social media two years ago, most are still missing the basics and can't forecast the ROI from what their agencies are pitching.

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