First look: Nokia reveals Windows 7 phone designs


Nokia has unveiled the first concept designs of its Windows 7 Mobile phones, following its tie-up with Microsoft. The mobile giant used the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to showcase two Windows Phone 7 concept devices that look slim and sleek, but the company did not say when they would be available. The concept unveiling comes days after Nokia's announcement Friday that it will partner with Microsoft to create new top-range devices.



Nokia's first Windows Phone will arrive by the end of 2011, following the announcement of their tie-up with Microsoft last week, according to reports.

"Clearly there is significant pressure on the teams and the whole company to ensure that we deliver a great Windows Phone product as quickly as possible, and we would certainly prefer to see that in 2011," Nokia CEO Stephen Elop recently told Reuters.

Attendees of Nokia's keynote at the Mobile World Congress were shown two slides of phone concepts powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

One phone is slim with rounded corners, has a speaker grill at the bottom, a standard headphone jack at the top and a hardware camera shutter and volume rocker are visible at the side on the device.

Multiple color schemes for the same device seem to be in Nokia's plan book.

The second phone showed a slightly different concept model of a Windows Phone 7 that looks like the higher-end of the line of devices planned.

The phones feature the three standard Windows Phone 7 buttons at the front, and a camera with flash on the back, as well as a standard headphone jack and a power button at the top of the phone.

Watch a video of Stephen Elop discussing the partnership with Microsoft at the Mobile Web Congress below:

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