Apple sues Amazon over ‘AppStore’ name


Amazon is positioning as a key player in the Apps Wars as a new partnership with Android sees the online retail giant expand firmly into the Apps stores market. As the role of apps marketing increases, and the platforms mature, there are big implications for Apple, Nokia, Windows and Symbian – as well as Android. Apple has already launched a trademark lawsuit over the new name. Here’s the latest…



Amazon has launched an app store for Android devices, but has invoked the wrath of Apple over the use of its ‘Appstore’ name.

The ‘Amazon Appstore’, which was unveiled Tuesday, includes free and paid apps from Android software developers.

But Apple stole some of the limelight away by filing a lawsuit against Amazon over its use of the "App Store" name. Apple says it filed a trademark following the release of the iPhone 3G.

Speaking to technology site CNET an Apple spokesperson said: "We've asked Amazon not to copy the app store name, because it will confuse and mislead customers, a spokeswoman said.

At launch, the app stroe will feature a broad selection including note-taking program Evernote and the game PacMan, with prices competitive to the Android Market.

The Appstore will also offer such perks as allowing users viewing the site on a computer to test out many apps before buying them and giving visitors a paid app for free each day.

The first freebie will be Angry Birds Rio, which is a new version of the popular "Angry Birds" game series that ties in with the upcoming animated movie "Rio." It normally costs $1.

Seattle-based Amazon will be testing all apps before adding them to the Appstore to make sure they work as developers describe them and that they're free of malicious software.

Available apps will conform to Amazon's general content rules, which means the Appstore will, for example, exclude apps that include pornographic content.

The Appstore is available online at, and amobile version is available for download at the same Web address.

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