Apple woos record companies for unlimited iTunes music downloads


Apple is reportedly trying to make a deal with record companies that would allow it to offer unlimited downloads for iTunes music purchases.

Apple, like its now arch rival Google, is said to be considering playing in the ‘digital locker’ space, providing a cloud-based file storage service specifically designed for music, from which MP3s already owned by users could be re-downloaded or streamed from any net connected device. Bloomberg cites three people with knowledge of the company’s plans, reporting that Apple is negotiating with Vivendi’s Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Music and EMI.



If successful, the deal would allow iTunes users to download music they’ve purchased to several devices, including iPhones, iPods and iPads.

Apple has been trying hard to make iTunes more competitive to various music streaming services, such as Spotify, Pandora and Grooveshark, where users don’t download music at all but instead stream the music for a monthly fee or the inconvenience of seeing a couple of ads.

After getting rid of DRM back in 2007, Apple has recently increased iTunes song previews to 90 seconds and tried to add a social networking element to the service with Ping.

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