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Early analysis of Google's most recent UK search update is striking less for the list of sites that have benefited (including respected UK brands the Guardian, the Telegraph and Which), but primarily for the list of site that have seen their reach tumble. Some previously high-profile sites have had their search ranking decimated as the latest algorithm judges their content "low quality".

Over the years, Digital Intelligence has highlighted the key role of search and its importance in ensuring that any web marketing strategy is successful. The long-term trend towards convergence has been another of the themes we've tracked during the last decade, and the news this month that Blinkbox has been bought by the UK's biggest retailer Tesco is a sign that this trend is still in its infancy. Tesco can now add online film sales to a portfolio which goes beyond traditional supermarkets to include second-hand car sales, banking services, furniture and clothing. As brands offer ever-more complex mixes of products and points of sale, the importance of their digital strategies will only grow and success will depend on long-term planning and informed decision-making.

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