Online video audiences: Over 4bn video ad views a month in the US alone


ComScore’s latest US audience tracker is releasing some big numbers. A massive 4.3bn online video ads were watched by online audiences in the US this March. YouTube continues to dominate video viewing, but Hulu is climbing steeply with 1.2bn impressions and a penetration into 9% of US households. More on who is watching what…


The latest figures from comScore’s Video Metrix service show that 174 million internet users, 83.5 percent of the total US internet audience, turned on their computers or internet connected TVs to watch online video content during the month of March.

There were more than 5.7 billion viewing sessions recorded in March and average US internet user tuned in to watch around 14.8 hours of online video content during the month.

Google Sites including retained its position as the top online video content property in March with 143.2 million viewers - close to three times as many viewers as second place property AOL, Inc. - said market researcher comScore in a report released on April 12.

Google sites also recorded the highest number of viewing sessions (close to 2 billion) and, with the average viewer spending 4.6 hours watching content at the site during the month, had the highest time spent per per viewer.

AOL, Inc. jumped up five places from 38.8 million viewers and 7th place in February to second place and 57.0 million viewers in March. AOL, Inc. was followed by Yahoo! Sites (56.4 million viewers), Microsoft Sites (53.1 million viewers), and VEVO (52.6 million viewers). dropped from fourth place in February with 46.7 million viewers to sixth place in March with 48.8 million viewers.

comScore also noted that in March “[t]he duration of the average online content video was 5.2 minutes, while the average online video ad was 0.4 minutes.”


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