Only 20% of royal wedding traffic ‘comes from UK’


William and Kate may be a trending topic on Twitter, but only 20% of traffic is coming from the UK, with the bulk - a massive 64% - coming from North America, according to social media research carried out by marketing and technology agency LBi.

Prince William is also missing out in the popularity stakes to his fiancée Kate. According to LBi's research, Williams’ online popularity is almost 10% lower than Kate’s. He has had 54,000 mentions on blogs while Kate has had 59,000 and in forums she has had 11,000 mentions compared to William's 7,000.



The British are also quite sarcastic about the wedding with people complaining about the size of the ceremony, the spend and the amount of street rubbish that it will generate while across the pond in the US, tweeters are much more positive and talk mainly about the event how well they expect it to go.

Eva Keogan continues: "We have been looking at the volume and sentiment in social media to see how the conversation is evolving around the Royal Wedding and Bank holidays. As Britain is enjoying two long bank holidays in a row, it appears that the social media chatter is more about and chocolate, barbecues and Olympic ticket deadlines than the Royal darlings who are set to wed on April 29."

"It’s quite surprising to see how the chatter is evolving and it will be in interesting to see how this changes over the next few days as the Royal Wedding takes place. Overall the sentiment is very positive," said Eva Keogan, Head of Social Media at LBi. "In fact, we’re inclined to predict that if the weather changes for the worse, us Brits may increase the Royal Wedding volume on Twitter and other social channels such as Facebook as we hit our sofas."


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