Nokia UK debuts interactive VoD campaign


Nokia has launched Tremor Video UK’s first inRoll ad format to complement its TV commercial for the new E7 mobile phone. The ad format from the online video technology company – the recently rebranded Tremor Video (formerly Tremor Media) – integrated Nokia’s broadcast and social media marketing strategies into one online ad unit.



The online video ad, based around Nokia’s TV ad, encouraged viewers to interact with the brand far longer than the 30 second slot without interrupting their video experience on publishers’ premium video sites.

The online video ad exceeded expectations by generating interaction rates six times higher than similar ads viewed in the US, while the ad’s engagement rates were 100 per cent higher than US averages.

Viewers used the ad to explore features such as the phone’s HD camera, on-demand web TV service and HD movie capability and a range of apps available on the phone, such as Ovi maps, a flight tracker and Vlingo voice recognition.

The ad lets consumers control the marketing experience and gain the information they wanted about the phone through images and additional demo videos, as well as an option to select their preferred phone colour within the ad – all in-stream without being redirected to a new webpage.

The campaign was targeted to Nokia’s specific audiences through Tremor Video’s Acudeo, the advertising management tool which puts marketers in complete control of their creative including which premium, brand safe content the ad is displayed around.

Dan Ruch, VP Europe at Tremor Video, said: “We used the inRoll unit to forge the power of television with the interactive elements of social media and online advertising to bring together Nokia’s marketing objectives into one ad unit. The UK debut of this innovative format engaged consumers through live social media functionalities and a host of interactive features inspired by Nokia’s ad creative and web content.”

The interactive pre-roll ad was commissioned for Nokia by media agency Carat, whose Broadcast Executive James Weinberg said: “inRoll is another cool yet reliable innovation from Tremor Video.

We wanted to extend the Nokia ad campaign with creativity, but tailor it specifically to show off the E7’s touch screen and QWERTY keyboard.

The originality and interactivity of the inRoll creative and the targeting capability of Acudeo are core to the success of this campaign online. The inRoll format also provided Nokia with consumer habits data they had never seen before, enabling them to see how, when and where viewers interacted with the ad.”

Watch and interact with the Nokia ad on the demo page.

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