Top 13 countries for mobile news access: UK tops list


Brits are the biggest consumers of newspaper content vie their mobiles, according to new data. The findings, from comScore’s new Device Essentials reporting tool looking on digital traffic by device, found 7.4% of the UK’s newspaper website traffic came from mobiles, and 9.8% if tablets and other non-PC devices were included too.


In the analysis below, comScore examined traffic patterns to the online newspaper category to understand how much each device type contributes to total category traffic and relative to total content consumption.

Among the markets studied, the UK had the greatest share of non-computer device traffic to newspaper sites at 9.8 percent, followed by Singapore (8.8 percent), and Japan (7.0 percent).


*Non-Computer Device Traffic Newspaper Category Index = Share of Non-PC Traffic for Newspaper Category / Share of Non-PC Traffic for Total Internet x 100. Index of 100 indicates average representation.


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