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Has Google finally got social right? Early signs from our research indicate that the more nuanced approach of Google+ more to social might finally give Facebook something to worry about, after the failures of Buzz and Wave. Our trackers show Google now attracts 1 billion visitors a month- the audience is there if the product is good enough. And if Facebook needs any reminding that the mighty can fall, this month saw News Corp offload former social media king MySpace for a pittance.

As opportunities for digital marketers grow, so do the legal pitfalls. This month saw ICANN approve '.anything domains'. We're split on whether this helps brands or leaves them exposed to squatters - but without a clear online brand strategy it will be an uncomfortable year for marketing directors. Meanwhile the new EU cookie law, which effectively makes most UK websites illegal without an opt-in for tracking, has been deferred for a year. Are your strategies in place?

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