iPad ‘now the sixth most popular mobile device in Europe’


Apple is now the largest mobile handset maker in Europe in terms of ad impressions, with the iPad tablet now the sixth most used device, according to new research. The data, from mobile ad network InMobi, shares the firm’s monthly network data insights, based on data from InMobi’s network, which serves over 5.7 billion monthly mobile advertising impressions across the globe including 3.8 billion in Europe.



The report shows remarkable growth in Apple iPad impressions.

During May 2011, over 80 million ad impressions were served on Apple’s iPad devices in Europe. Apple iPad is now the sixth most popular mobile device in Europe and has helped Apple surpass all other manufacturers in share of ad impressions, taking it to the number one position with a 19.5% share.

As a result of the iPad’s popularity, Android’s operating system has lost 6.1 share points against Apple’s gain of 6.3 over the past 3 months. Despite this though, Android remains the top mobile platform by ad requests.


Commenting on the study, Milton Elias, Head of Mobile, Starcom Mediavest Group, said "The growth of Smartphone ads and particularly the Apple iPad is further evidence of the love affair between consumers and their mobile apps and devices. The opportunity for mobile advertising has never been more apparent with cutting-edge creative like 3D advertising now becoming a reality.”

Rob Jonas, VP and MD Europe and Middle East at InMobi added,”Whilst industry debate still rages, we see Apple iPad and other Tablet devices firmly as mobile. Their usage patterns and characteristics are comparable to Smartphone platforms, but with the additional screen real estate that allows truly engaging mobile advertising creative, such as those developed with Starcom.”

Total mobile advertising impressions on the InMobi network in Europe grew by 38 percent, three quarters of which was driven by the growth in Smartphone impressions (50% growth over February).

Six out of every ten mobile impressions in Europe are now on a smart device.


This report highlights the continued growth of mobile advertising globally, as the InMobi network grew by 48.8 percent or 10.3 billion monthly impressions in just 90 days.

Smartphone ad impressions grew by 5.7 billion monthly impressions, contributing 55.2% to the overall growth of impressions.

You can download the latest InMobi Mobile Insights Report for free here:


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