Top 10 financial trading brands for search and social media


LondonStockExchange is the most visible site in natural search, while CityIndex most visible advertiser in paid search, according to new research. This is according to the latest quarterly research ‘Trading January 2011’, by leading search and social marketing firm, Greenlight, which also found that SaxoBank remained the most followed trading brand in social media.


UK-based consumers conducted 447,000 searches online for trading-related platforms and services in January 2011, and the most queried term across Contracts for Difference (CFDs), spread betting and stock trading was ‘share prices’. It accounted for 17% (74,000) of all searches.

Greenlight’s report provides an analysis of the most popular terms used by UK consumers when they conducted a search on Google for trading-related platforms and services.

It reveals the most visible players online across natural search, paid search and social media for each of the trading sub-sectors covered, thus revealing who had the greatest share of consideration.

Key findings reveal:

• Stock trading-related terms were the most popular, with over 329,000 searches. Such keywords, which included ‘share prices’, ‘LSE shares’ ‘shares’ and ‘stock market’, accounted for almost three-quarters (74%) of the overall search volume, which according to Greenlight indicates the significance for multi-channel trading brands, in targeting stock trading in order to achieve an online presence in the Google search results.

• Contrasting with Greenlight’s October 2010 findings, when the top 10 keywords represented just 23% of the overall market, in January, the top 11 terms accounted for 48% of the total search volume. According to Greenlight, this shows a great number of consumers used very similar sets of terms to find trading-related sites.

• In natural search, the majority of the most visible sites were informational as opposed to trading brands. LondonStockExchange replaced Wikipedia as the most visible website for trading keywords, achieving 43% visibility, a 25% increase since October. LiveCharts also saw its visibility increase by 13% and it moved up from position 10 to third place. By contrast, IndependentInvestor lost 14% visibility and dropped to position 14, having featured in second position in the previous quarter.

• CityIndex was the most visible advertiser, achieving 35% share of voice in paid search. However this was an 18% decrease. IGIndex saw its visibility increase by 8% and it moved up from ninth position to fourth place in Greenlight’s league table. GFTUK did not feature in Greenlight’s top 60 advertisers in January, having ranked in second place in October, when it achieved a 48% share of voice.

• SaxoBank remained the most followed trading brand in social media with a collective of over 18,000 people. ETXCapital meanwhile, displayed 490 tweets in January, making it the most interactive trading brand in January. Google estimates there will be 30.9 million social network users by 2015, thus such channels will become increasingly important for trading brands in targeting consumers in the future.



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