App developer survey: Android army catching Apple


Although iOS development remains strong that the Android army is catching on fast, with developer interest in Android and Windows 7 growing at the expense of iOS, according to a new poll. GetJar, a free mobile apps store, has just completed its latest App Meter Developer Poll, surveying 300 developers across its network in collaboration with several of its ecosystem partners including Inmobi, Urban Airship, Device Anywhere and SV Android Meet-up. Although iOS development remains strong (80% currently developing for iPhone and 59% developing for iPad) that the Android army is catching on fast.

When asked what developers were planning on developing for in the next six months vs. what they’re doing today here’s what they said:

• IOS: Today 80% -> Six months from now 55.6%
• Android: 51.2% Today -> 58% six months from now
• IOS iPad: 59% Today -> 52% six months from now
• Android Tablet: 20.5% Today -> 47% six months from now


Another note of interest as well was the growing interest in Windows Phone. Mango seems to be impressing developers with 24% of developers saying they’ll develop for OS compared to less then 9% today.

That’s still less then ½ of the interest in Android but given Windows’ small base it looks like there is some optimism for the Nokia / Windows alliance.

This was further strengthened by by over 70% of developers saying they think Windows Mobile will still be a viable platform in 5 years (Android / iOS scored over 98% here).

App distribution remains fairly concentrated today among a few app stores with Apple’s app store being the preferred method of reaching consumers with nearly 80% of developers surveyed using the App Store.

Less then 50% of developers claimed to be using Android Market (44.4%). However, Android distribution looks set to rise with nearly 70% of developers saying they’ll distribute through Android Market in the next six months.

While Market seems to be the main beneficiary, interest in independent channels also seems to be on the rise in the Android ecosystem. Interest in distributing on GetJar grew from 11% to 16% while interest in Amazon’s App Store increased 11% to 34%.

Symbians decline – as confirmed by Nokia’s plans to stop selling Symbian-based devices in the US this week – seems terminal with less then 7% of developers looking to develop on the platform in the next 6 months.

Equally, less then 20% of developers believe the platform will be around the next couple of years.

Blackberry still faces some challenges with less then 15% of developers interested in developing for the platform the next six months. Less then 50% of developers believe Rims platform will survive the next 5 years.


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