Amazon’s iPad rival ‘Kindle Fire’ to be unveiled today?


Amazon’s much-anticipated new colour Kindle tablet device will be called the Fire, according to widespread internet rumours. The device, which is set to launch at an event today in New York, will begin to ship in early November, and run a version of Google’s Android operating system, according to reports. The device, which will expand the Kindle from a traditional e-book reader to a multifunctional digital media tool, is rumoured to sell for just $250, including a subscription to the firm’s loyalty discount scheme ‘Amazon Prime’.



The Kindle Fire will use a 7” touchscreen and look similar to BlackBerry’s PlayBook tablet, with which it will also share a processor.

Reports indicate that Amazon has been signing deals with movie and TV studios for content that will complement its own MP3 and Kindle book store.

Although the Fire is apparently not going to come with an email programme, it will be possible to download one.

Apple has been keen to galvanise app developers into working on its platform, but Amazon is likely to continue its Kindle strategy of using the new device to encourage media sales, rather than sales of the new Kindle itself.

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