Infographic: Twitter and Flickr activity mapped across the world


People tweet most in North America, Britain, the Netherlands and Japan, while scenic areas such as Iceland, Scotland, New Zealand and the game reserves in Africa see more photographic activity on Flikr, according to this visually stunning infographic.

The infographic, created by mapping expert Eric Fischer, uses orange dots to represent pictures uploaded to Flickr, while the blue dots are tweets, and the white dots represent locations that have been both tweeted and uploaded to Flickr.


Fischer has produced more detailed images for London, alondside 34 more including New York, Barcelona, Baltimore, Tokyo, Singapore, Jakarta, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Washington DC, San Francisco and Rotterdam.

He used publicly available data in the Flickr and Twitter APIs. To some extent, the density reflects the density of footfall in different parts of the city, but with Flickr, geographic visualisations tend to reflect a more cultural consensus of photogenic places or tourist spots.

View the full set here

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