Top online media owners in the UK: Specific Media leads way for agency service


UK agencies have voted Specific Media, owner of MySpace, as the best media owner to deal with, while Facebook has risen to the sixth spot, according to a new poll. The survey, carried out by the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), is designed to measure the levels of service media owners provide to ad agecies, in order to outline where improvements can be made.



The IPA Online Media Owner Survey found that Specific Media continues to lead the way, in with 79% of respondents agreeing/agreeing strongly that “My overall experience of dealing with this supplier is a good one”.

Yet overall service levels are substantially improving, with a further four media owners achieving scores in excess of 70% for this category, compared to only one in the spring 2011 survey.

They are Tribal Fusion, Vibrant Media, AOL Advertising and IPC Media. Tribal Fusion has also moved up from ninth to second place, and Facebook from fifteenth to sixth place.

Key findings:

• Four media owners improved their score in the best overall category by ten percentage points or more, and a further six media owners by five percentage points or more since the spring 2011 survey.

• Tribal Fusion is the most improved media owner since the spring survey (+18.3 percentage points), Facebook has improved by 14.1 percentage points, Microsoft by 12.6 and Vibrant Media by 10.8.

• Performance levels are becoming more competitive:

- Specific Media’s lead over its nearest competitors is narrowing in best overall category. In the spring it was 12.7 percentage points ahead of its competitors. Tribal Fusion is now 0.2 percentage points behind.

- Specific leads in three of the 13 attributes in which it features compared to nine in the spring (best overall, easily contactable, regular constructive contact).

- Tribal Fusion now leads in four of these compared with none in the spring (understanding objectives, agency/media owner partnership, mid campaign support, post campaign support).

- Facebook leads in three compared to one in the spring survey (excellent understanding of own products, proactively communicating new opportunities, communicating client contact).

- AOL leads in two categories (dispute resolution and innovative creative solutions). As does (quality of response to brief, cross-over media opportunities)

• Microsoft have improved their overall score from 36% in the spring to 48.6%, and have moved up from bottom of the ranking to sixteenth place.

• In cross media is the poorest performer, and across all survey categories, with serious declines (5+ percentage points) for 11 out of the 14 categories. Bauer,, Haymarket and Sky Digital Media have also performed poorly declining by 5 percentage points or more in at least 7 of 14 categories.

Matt Simpson, IPA Digital Media Group Chairman and Head of Digital, EMEA, Omnicom Media Group, said: “It is extremely encouraging and very welcome news that this autumn's IPA media owner survey has seen a substantial increase in service level satisfaction. With closer competition for the top spot and significant improvement from some of the industries major players this survey acts as the perfect precursor to this years IPA Media Owner Awards in November.”

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