Free Ketchup! Heinz reimburses customers after Facebook campaign glitch


A Facebook glitch has hampered Heinz’ latest Ketchup campaign, forcing the brand to offer free products to customers that ordered online, or posted on their wall. Heinz was testing a new business method of selling their products direct to consumers before they were released in stores. The Heinz ‘Balsamic Ketchup’ campaign launched on Monday, but didn’t go as expected as users experienced delays during a glitch of the system until about 9pm on the launch. The brand is now rewarding all fans that posted on the promotional Facebook page with a bottle of the new Ketchup, even if they didn’t place an order.



A spokesman from Heinz Ketchup said that at least a few thousand people ordered the limited edition ketchup from their Facebook page.

Though Heinz claims the problem has been resolved, some consumers are still complaining about the issue on the company facebook page.

A Heinz company statement posted on Monday reads: “Heinz deeply regrets the inconvenience and we are expressing our thanks to Heinz Ketchup fans by offering one free bottle of Heinz Ketchup blended with Balsamic Vinegar plus free shipping to every consumer that posted on the site when it was down temporarily on Monday.

“In addition, we are offering a free additional bottle plus free shipping to every consumer that places a paid order for Heinz Ketchup blended with Balsamic Vinegar between 8:30 pm EST Nov. 14 and 11:59 pm EST Nov. 15. All orders placed Monday before the technical difficulties occurred will be fulfilled for free.”

Heinz’s new ketchup hits stores in December. View the Facebook page below:

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